The Flashlight

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Object: Flashlight

Associated Idea(s) (Discrete): Portable Light Sources

Associated Idea(s) (Homogenized): Manufactured Light Sources

Emerged circa: 1899

Geographical origins: North America

Cultural heritage: American

Conceiver/Creator (if known): Conrad Hubert

Brief description: Typically a hand-sized case, made of metal or plastic, that used electric batteries to power a light bulb housed at one end.  The diameter and intensity of the light beam varied.

Historical significance: The flashlight developed with two other closely related inventions as points of reference: electric batteries and the light bulb.  Flashlights marked a turning point in the history of handheld light sources as they provided a reusable, electrically charged option.  They allowed for longer durations of operation and also a wider variety of ways by which to handle the light as it was emitted.  In essence, they provided more control, precision and functionality.

General Impact: Offered a simple and neat handheld light source that was intuitive to use and that could be replicated fairly easily and cheaply.  Put to use in a variety of contexts including security, exploration and entertainment.

Offspring: LED rechargeable flashlight.

Relatives: torch, lantern

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